Individual coaching

Individual coaching (or life coaching) is a life-changing experience, a trigger to change and personal development. Coaching is different from mentoring, consulting, therapy. It focuses mainly on the future, addressing specific personal projects, whether in your personal or professional life, and helping you identify and understand your ideal situation.

The focus of the coach-client based relationship resides in listening and getting you from where you are to you where you want to get. Life coaching sessions are about YOU succeeding to move through life transitions in order for YOU to find fulfillment in your life and/or enhance your career.

In other words it is about TAKING ACTIONS. And I can help you gain awareness while accompanying you all the way to achieve the agreed-upon results.

If you decide to follow coaching sessions you will learn to have faith in yourself, to be in harmony with some aspects of your personal/professional life, to overcome the obstacles that prevent you to follow through. At the end of the process you will be able to make choices that matter to you because finally you will have learned to listen to your needs and to follow your heart…