Student coaching

Student coaching is a personalized educational support aiming at developping reflexivity in anticipation of change. It also optimizes the student’s potential to manage his/her own education, projects, course choices. The difficulties and failures that are a direct result hereof, do not have to be inevitable. Over the years I’ve been witnessing the pain of these students and their families ; their suffering is very real. Taking the decision to contact a coach in order to seek support may be the opportunity to change. It is about finding the key to stop the vicious circle of failure and find the appropriate tools to gain back confidence.

Creation is an important and very personal process. Creating is about being capable of exploring your options, adapting and finding yourself, and during coaching sessions you will learn to win over your creativity.

Learning requires to take risks ; failures are part of life experiences, you cannot avoid them. But the challenge is to reconnect yourself to the natural learner in each and every one of us, in order for the learning process to become exciting, stimulating and motivating again.

Progressing is about giving yourself the means to take actions in order to regain the confidence that you lost, the self-esteem that you thought you would not get back. These are all necessary steps on your path to personal development.

As a coach I can help you uncover you inner strength. You will learn to size yourself up, you will discover learning methods that are right for you. By getting to know who you really are as a learner, you will feel empowered again… In all autonomy you will learn to stand on your own two feet…

As a coach I also accompany the families because you too, as family members, feel helpless and suffer from this kind of situation. The process of student coaching is about finding the keys and solutions to get back serenity, peace of mind and confidence.